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About Us - Kennedy's Health and Fitness - Since 1999

About us

Functional Training Equipment

At Kennedys apart from Traditional Training Equipment we have a huge range of Functional Training Equipment such as sleds to push, Roman Rings, TRX, Battle Ropes, Large 90kg Tractor Tyres to flip, small tyres to flip, Wall balls, Dead balls, all types of balls! We even have a hugely popular Private Outside Training area that has a Basketball Ring, Wall Mounted Chin Bar, Dip Bar, Flat Bench, Step Ups, Parralell Bars and plenty of space for shuttle runs, skipping, lunges, boxing.

Contact Us for further information.

Our Cardio Room

In our Cardio Room, we literally have the Best Treadmills the Fitness Industry has to offer. They have an interactive touch screen that is Hard Wired to the Internet, so you can FaceBook and YouTube as you exercise if you wish! They also have up to 30 different TV Channels on your private screen and we have FOXTEL Music and FOXTEL Sport channels too!

Our Cardio Equipment now features Video On-Demand. Users choose On Demand powered by YouTube where they have a choice of watching video clips from genres such as “Top of the charts”, R&B, Dance, Retro, Rock, and Country and then even choose high, medium or low intensity versions of each genre as these intensities are based on beats per minute of the music and therefore can effect the intensity of the exercise you choose to do.

Popular video channels such as Go-Pro, Red Bull adventure/extreme sport, comedy and even Game of Thrones clips are On Demand!

Our Precor equipment also works with the Preva Networked Fitness software. Preva is a state-of-the-art system designed to personalise your fitness experience. Thousands of exercisers worldwide use Preva® to achieve their fitness goals. Preva allows you to track your fitness progress at the gym with on-console software or on-the-go with the Preva Mobile app.

Create a Preva account and take a big step toward your fitness ambitions in and out of the gym. Set a goal, earn rewards and track your progress automatically on Precor cardio equipment or with the Preva app.

Our bikes and Cross Trainers have the same facilities. Contact Us for further information.